7 Tips To Do a Better Workout on Elliptical

7 Tips To Do a Better Workout on Elliptical

Ellipticals have long been known to be the best workout machine for non-impact training. With the popularity acquired by the machine, it has become a practice for people to visit the gyms and hop on them immediately when they need to work out.

A majority of people, these days, works on them for around 30 minutes and call it a day. Elliptical workouts are beneficial but sadly, many people are ignorant about taking the most out of it. If properly used, the elliptical machines can give you a much productive experience.

Following the cliched methods won’t be enough for this. To make your workouts better, we have put our time in preparing some tips that will make your elliptical workouts better. I

f you are taking your first steps into the fitness regime, then you might have only heard about fitness machines like treadmills and other ones like dumbbells. But for a workout enthusiast, an elliptical machine will be among his or her favorite equipment in the gym.

And this is for good reasons too. Elliptical machines, unlike treadmills, give non-impact workout experience. This literally means that you will get all the benefits you would while running but none of the harmful impacts it will have on the joints. The entire workout includes fluid motions without any jitters in between.

It is because of this reason that ellipticals are effectively used in the rehabilitation of people who suffered injuries. In the case of treadmills and other similar fitness machines, if you are suffering some kind of knee injury or body ache, then it will be better for you to stay away from workouts rather than making the problem worse.

But an elliptical can still be useful in situations like these. These are not based on advertisements but based on detailed research conducted by the health experts. All this said if you don’t know to work out with them the right way, then you are at a great loss.

You could brag to your friends about working out on them but none of those will reflect on your body.  For keeping your body fit and healthy, you always have to subject it to a challenging situation so that the body will always find the need to improve.

A usual problem that is seen among the fitness users is sticking to a workout schedule for years. Once your body gets used to the workout, there won’t be any good in you practicing the same workout over and over again. In a simple sense.

You will become equivalent to a donkey carrying a lot of weight bringing no good benefit for itself. This entire guide is focused on helping people stick to a healthy workout plan, especially on elliptical training. What we have brought forward is the best tips from the best people in the fitness world all over the country.

7 Tips To Do a Better Workout on Elliptical


7 Tips to do a better Workout on Elliptical

1. DO Make a Plan Before Hitting “Start.”

If you have read our other fitness guides, you must have become familiar with this. To have a fit body and a successful workout schedule, it is of utmost importance to set a fitness target and make a plan for achieving it. Think about it, without knowing where to go how you can even begin the journey.

Put this as the major milestone that you need to overcome in your fitness journey. As with everyday workouts, again you need to put up fitness targets that are subsidiary to your major fitness goal and based on the time available for you to spare for workouts.

With a fixed target, start your workouts putting the required amount of pressure on your body for the body. But this doesn’t mean that you are expected to take a relaxed workout time. If you feel weak, then it is better to rest rather than to cheat yourself on workouts.

Always make sure that whatever level you choose in workouts, it must be pushing your body at some level to improve. Only this form of workouts can become beneficial for you in the long run. Like I told earlier, sitting on an elliptical for an entire day and doing nothing won’t do any good to you.

So, make up your mind to workout properly on the machine rather than putting a lazy attitude into workouts. Have targets that will cause your body to strain and not something that will go easy on yourself. It might look appealing during workouts but without hard work, you can’t expect to get any kind of results no matter what.

People consider setting a fitness goal as a silly task. This is the biggest mistake you could commit to your fitness journey. We can guarantee that you won’t reach anywhere with your workouts without a proper fitness goal. This is not my personal opinion.

You consult with any famous trainer regarding workouts, and this will be the first step that they will bring up for beginning workouts. So, make it your first priority to prepare your workout plan.

2. Do Use the Reverse Setting

Forward movements are too common with elliptical workouts. They are useful but trying something different will give a variety into your workouts. Reverse riding is something of that sort you can do without making many changes. This is one good advantage you get with elliptical machines in contrast to other fitness machines.

When you keep working on the elliptical machine for long hours only in the forward direction, it is quite easy for your body to bend and take a bad body posture. To avoid this, it will be good to include reverse setting every once in a while into your elliptical training.

The whole point of working out your body is to attain a better physique. If something prevents you from that then it must be fixed. Reverse riding is one such fix for body posture related issues. But that’s not the only reason why you must include it your workout schedule.

It will help in developing the core muscles much efficiently and posterior chain is also worked out during reverse rides. This part of the body is hard to reach through the normal workouts.

Apart from all this, it subjects your body to a proprioceptive challenge which can be quite useful for improving your body balance and overall strength.

3. Do Take Intervals. These Are Your Friends

If you want to get results fast, then normal workouts won’t be enough. They will only pose you medium challenges and the results will take months to show up.

The hardest of the workouts can make your body grind and the results will start to appear really fast with great calorie burning rate. Interval workouts will be the best bet to get the best of your workout time.

Remember this is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. We have listed out somethings that will help you do it well. Check it out.

1. 0:00-5:00: Every workout must begin with warm-up sessions. It will alert the body and make it ready for the full-fledged workouts. If you skip it, there are even chances for injuries. So, make sure you warm yourself up before even picking up dumbbells.

When working with elliptical, you can begin the warm-up session by using it at a really slow pace and lower resistance level. A resistance level of 7 or 8 will be enough. On doing this, your heart rate will be pounding at a rate of around 50 to 60 percent of its maximum capacity.

2. 5:00-5:30: Interval 1 work: When you got yourself warmed up, it is time to up your level. Increase the resistance and the speed to enter the interval workout. At this stage, you can increase the resistance level to around 10 or 15. At this resistance level, sprint on the elliptical machine for at least 30 seconds.

This will push your body limits to the maximum at an instant.  The RPMs on the machine should a pace of around 165 during this stage of interval workouts.

3. 5:30-6:30: Once your body has reached the maximum limit, it is time for you to decrease to relax down in the training.

Slowly lower your pace and resistance levels and aim to reach down the level you were at during the warm-up sessions. Continue doing this for around a minute. This will help you lower your heart beat for a while too.

4. That whole process can be considered to be one cycle in interval training. Do it in perfection on a 30/60 interval range up to eight times together. This will help you sum up the interval training at a single workout.

4. Don’t: Slouch

Only a dedicated individual can take the best out of each workout. You can easily cheat on every workout. Spend hours on each machine without pushing your body and just claim to be working out a lot. First of all, it is not a good idea to cheat yourself in this area.

It won’t do any good for your fitness. During the elliptical training too, you can easily slack down by holding the handrails and leaning forward. Your legs will be doing all the work and in here the workouts get a lot easier.

But remember this is not the right way to do the elliptical training and it won’t give you any benefits that elliptical training is supposed to bring you. Maintaining a perfect posture is necessary to get the best out of the training.

Always keep your body upright and the core area straight. Remember not to lean over. This will not only lessen the productivity of the workouts but can adversely affect your health causing lower back pain and other muscle issues.

Most of the people are misled by the placement of the handlebars. They are not designed to be part of your workouts nor are these designed to reduce the efforts that you need to put in during workouts.

This is a very common bad habit seen among the people. Just visit a professional gym and see the people working out on the ellipticals. Most of the time, leaning too much forward requires putting all their weight on the handrails during the workouts.

First of all, it is a habit of ignorant people so avoid this practice. But some just pretend not to know it because of the ease they get for doing the workouts. After all, the time you spend on this machine is valuable and don’t you want to get the best out of it.

Since the effort you put in the workout gets drastically reduced. This is because due to the leaning posture, the calories burned during the workouts will be pretty low as compared to a normal workout.

Sadly, if you fool the machine, the machine will fool you back with wrong reading. So, do the workout in the way they are meant to be done.

5. Do: Include High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Elliptical machines are popular for a variety of reasons. You can decide on the intensity of the workouts you need. An elliptical machine will be ready to provide you with it. Whatever intensity you are working out with, an elliptical never causes any harm to your body health with their non-impact workout nature.

The cardiovascular workouts you can do with elliptical can burn your calories in no time keeping you healthy round the clock. People choose elliptical with different workout goals.

If you are into weight reduction or maybe into cardiovascular fitness, then high-intensity interval training session will be a good workout method for you to adopt.

Unlike the normal elliptical training, these will help you burn down the fat at a very faster rate. So, the result will start to reflect on your body very soon.

Many people have devised their own high-intensity interval training from which you can choose anyone you like. One of the popular pieces of training we have seen is the one made by Sprint 8 technology which can be done on models like the Vision Fitness Elliptical machines.

Interval training is a specialized kind of training that is mainly done by people who have specific fitness goals that are tough to achieve. These are designed in such a way that your limits will be pushed to a higher level during the workouts.

The heart beats in your body will reach a higher level during the anaerobic workouts. You will be engaging your body in. At the end of the day as a result of careful planning, the productivity of your workout will be at max even when done a short period of time. The metabolism rate during the interval training is also high.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Increase The Incline.

Not everyone likes to sprint and this becomes a drawback when we advise people to engage in sprint training for burning down their calories faster. It is one of the easiest ways by which you can up your game but if you are not fond of running there is nothing much that can be done.

With ellipticals, you will still have good hope to improve your training intensity without changing your pace of running at any time. And that facility of improved calorie burning comes with the usage of different incline levels during the training.

Don’t you feel it hard to walk a 1 km road if it up the hill while easier on a flat road? It is the same theory that is applied here. A good incline can increase the intensity level of your workouts.

All you have to do is hop on your elliptical and change the incline level of the elliptical based on the intensity level you desire to achieve with it. Even without changing the pace, you will be gaining a higher calorie burning rate this way in the same duration of workouts.

To put things into a proper perspective, adjust the incline level in a systematic manner to achieve the desired result. Never begin the workouts with maximum intensity. Your body might not handle that much stress all of a sudden. Begin with smaller intensities and up your level slowly.

Include the warm-up session with low intensities like 7 or 8. Make the warm-up session last for around 5 minutes. Once you feel your heartbeat rising and the body stabilizing to the workouts increase the intensity.  At this stage, the incline angle can be improved to 10 or 15 which will help you push your body further.

The pace of the workouts must be within the range of around 120 to 130 RPMs to a period of one minute. And then all of a sudden, decrease the intensity you were working out with during the warm-up session and continue it for 90 seconds.

Call this a single cycle in interval training. Continue doing this for at least five times to call it a complete intense interval workout.

7. Do Add The Dumbbells

Dumbbells are something that will stay from the start of your fitness journey to any level you are going to reach. It has the capability to become useful at different kinds of workouts. So, it will always be a good idea to buy yourself a pair of dumbbells that are compatible with the fitness level you have reached.

During the elliptical workouts also, you can workout with your dumbbells. Not in between but put a break into the elliptical workouts and spend some time on your dumbbells maybe for 5 or 10 minutes. Within this time, you can even do shoulders presses or few bicep curls.

This will both help in improving your overall physique and remove the mundanity that you might because of continuously working on the ellipticals. Doing this will help you in proper distribution of your body energy towards your arm muscles.

This will become useful when you are working out with your arm muscles later on. Keep it a habit and put the best dumbbells near any machine you are working out with. So, whenever you feel like taking a break you can pick them up and start working out with them.

An elliptical is an all-around fitness machine that caters to the needs of a wide range of fitness users. Ranging from people who have just joined workouts to athletes everyone can make use of it. The variety of training options available and the adjustable dumbbells intensity levels make it good for all kinds of use.

If you are disciplined enough to allocate the proper amount of time into elliptical workouts each day, then you will be able to improve your form and efficiency in no time. Whichever sport you are into, you will be able to make your body fitness perfect for it.

Adding variety into your workouts will become quite useful in staying motivated to workout. You won’t feel like repeating the same workouts over and over again with it.

It will always be a good idea to invest in an elliptical machine and have one in your home. With proper learning, you will able to utilize the elliptical for weight reduction and for improving your overall fitness.


If you were with us until now, then you must either be surprised or feeling happy because the methods we have mentioned here are the right methods to workout with your ellipticals. Ellipticals are great fitness machines but sadly from what we have seen, many people just fail to use it properly.

It’s not anyone’s mistake. Ignorance is like a companion who is hard to believe in the fitness world. But with people like us to cover your back, you don’t have to worry much. The tips prepared by us will make sure that you are getting the best out of each of your workouts.

Most of the things that we have mentioned here are the methods you must adapt to maximize productivity with the same amount of workout you do every day. So, following our methods will help let you see the results faster than you would expect from normal workouts.

Above all, don’t be foolish enough to fool yourself during workouts. Cheating techniques will only be bad for your health and they are not going to give you anything good in the long run. Remember that nobody has to care for you as much as you do.

So, it is better to stay truthful to yourself and put the time into making the best out of all the workouts. If you haven’t bought an elliptical yet, then check out our reviews of the best ellipticals available now and get one. Have a productive workout day!

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