7 Benefits of Using An Elliptical Trainer For Workout

7 Benefits of Using An Elliptical Trainer For Workout

Ellipticals are the new-age cardio machines which deliver an excellent workout. These cross-trainers or X-trainers stimulate the exact motion of walking, running, and climbing stairs. It is a stationary bike which you are sure to spot in any fitness club or gym.

Even if you are a hardcore exercise expert, you will still need an elliptical for your cardio training. It offers a full-body workout and puts no stress on knees and joints. Its aerobic workout helps in burning calories for losing weight.

They have several other benefits which we will discuss in this article. It is effortless to use an elliptical, merely stand on the pedals and grab the handles, but its advantages are far many than one can expect.

7 Benefits of Using An Elliptical Trainer For Workout are listed below:-

1. Low-Impact

Ellipticals are known for delivering a low-impact, yet a powerful workout. It does not put any stress on your knees and joints during the elliptical motion.

In contrast to walking and running which causes the foot to thump and jolt your body, an elliptical makes you feel like walking in midair because your feet will never leave the pedals.

While running/jogging, each thump between the foot and the ground impacts 2.5 times the body weight which affects the bones, joints, and the lower back. Elliptical eliminates this impact and keeps the bones and joints healthy and intact.

2. Weight Loss

The weight loss with an elliptical trainer is an accelerated as compared to other equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, etc. Many people have successfully lost weight using this machine. An elliptical makes use of a large group of muscles to work on and generate the movement.

It involves the whole body and accelerates fat loss. A lot of other factors are also responsible for weight loss like age, gender, the current level of fitness of the user, etc., but ellipticals help in weight loss in a fast and an effective manner.

Depending on your need, you can choose any one of the types of ellipticals – Front Drive Ellipticals, Rear Drive Ellipticals, or Center Drive Ellipticals.

3. Fix Quadriceps

People who have weak quadriceps will benefit from an elliptical. A study was carried out to compare how the muscle activity of the quadriceps and hamstring got affected by walking on the ground, treadmill, using an elliptical trainer, or cycling.

It is interesting to note that an elliptical trainer made the most use of quadriceps and had a greater quadriceps/hamstring coordination than other exercises.

Also, when you pedal backward on an elliptical, the quadriceps are utilized even more. Exercising on an elliptical will align the leg muscles well and make the quadriceps more strong.

4. Prevent Injuries and Keeps Safe

Ellipticals are known for causing zero injuries. Other types of equipment do have a history of creating some injuries like falling off a treadmill or damage due to free weights accident. But, due to the intuitive and safe design of ellipticals, they do not cause any such accidents and are very safe to use.

You can quickly learn to use this machine in a matter of some minutes and start your journey towards a healthy life. The best ellipticals for the home are very safe to use without any supervision.

5. Dual Action Full-Body Workout

Ellipticals are known to deliver a full-body workout by working on both the upper and lower body. It is one of its kind and provides the best total body workout, unlike other machines. It is called a cross-trainer merely for this reason as it involves many muscle groups.

It makes use of hamstrings, glutes, back, biceps, triceps, and chest. As a user, you must make sure that you apportion the resistance between the upper and lower body to get the best out of this device.

6. Maximize Training Effect

Ellipticals have a long stride length, and this makes them stand out from the treadmills because otherwise both help in burning calories. When you increase the stride length on an elliptical, you are burning more calories without feeling the effort.

You will not feel that you are working harder, but you are burning more calories. Ellipticals make the workout seem effortless. Thus, they maximize your training effect and deliver great results. Some of the best commercial ellipticals do not tire you easily.

7. Less Maintenance

This is one of the main benefits of an elliptical. Apart from giving an excellent exercise, it is a very low maintenance machine. Its elliptical motion has a low-impact and less moving parts which means less service os parts. There is no need to worry about its timely changing of rollers, motors, etc.


Ellipticals are excellent cross-trainers which involve maximum muscles of the body and deliver a total body workout. It has an appealing design and is very safe to use, as we discussed earlier. You can go and have a trial at a fitness club and research the market for some of the best elliptical bikes.

You will surely find an elliptical which will suit your requirements. With this article, we are now clear about the health benefits of ellipticals and how they are the game changer in a fruitful cardio workout. So, go and buy one right now and start with your daily cardio dose.

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