5 Workouts To ReduceThe Weight on Elliptical

5 Workouts To ReduceThe Weight on Elliptical

Elliptical trainers are one of the best cardio workout machines available. They are called the Cross-Trainers or X-Trainers and are considered as one of the best products in the fitness industry. It gives you the freedom to work as hard as you want to, without impacting your joints.

It is a stationary bike and replicates the motion of walking, running, and stairs climbing. It comes with two pedals and two hand-levers which help in achieveing you the desired goal. A person of any fitness level can use this highly effective cardio machine.

It is also beneficial for serious athletes who are recovering from serious injuries. It often gets misused because of a majority of the people do not realize its health advantages and how to use it for weight loss effectively.

In this article, I will share some workouts which can do on an elliptical and reduce your weight significantly. And, the market is full of best elliptical bikes which can do wonders in your daily fitness routine.

Benefits of Using an Elliptical

  • People with any fitness level can make use of this machine to achieve their goals.
  • It can help you recover fast from an injury as well.
  • It gives a low-impact workout which does not put stress on your joints.
  • It helps in improving the balance as its a cross-trainer and also enhances mobility.
  • It gives you a total body workout because it comes with arm handles and pedals.
  • For people who have less time, it gives a short but effective workout.

It is evident now that an elliptical is undoubtedly an effective cardio workout machine, but every day hopping on to it and expecting to lose weight would be incorrect.  We have seen people using elliptical every day for cardio, going at a steady pace and not challenging themselves and then expecting to tone the body and lose weight.

Although ellipticals come with amazing consoles as well which add some fun variety to the workout, you need to know how to use that to get yourself in shape and remove those extra kilos from your body. I will share some very effective workouts with you which you can perform on an elliptical and get the desired results.

5 Workouts to Reduce the Weight on Elliptical

1. Workout for Beginners

For beginners, it is essential to make things easier and involve multiple body parts so that they feel energetic after the workout. This workout for beginners will make them feel comfortable with the machine as well with the exercise and keep their interest level high.

  • It is essential to warm up before the workout for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Start with zero or lower resistance and after five minutes increase your speed by pedaling.
  • Do forward pedaling for five minutes and then reverse for the same time duration.
  • Split these intervals as per your workout needs.
  • You can pull and push the handles alternatively to work on your chest, arms, and shoulders.
  • You also have the option of going free hand as this will help in concentrating on your core muscles.
  • After your chosen workout style, take out five minutes to cool down the body. This will avoid soreness of muscles, cramps, and fatigue.

2. The 20-minute Ultimate Elliptical Workout

After the above workout which may sound easy, here is another hardcore workout for enthusiasts or for people whose fitness level is high. It is an interval workout because a high-intensity exercise is a best and effective way for an excellent exercise in less time.

It concentrates more on the intensity and not on the duration. In this workout, your speed must be moderate like a casual run and not a sprint. The maximum resistance should be 80 to 90 percent of the maximum effort, an average resistance should be 60 to 70, and a low resistance must be 40 to 50 percent.

This challenge is sure to leave you satisfied and happy. To add more to the challenge, you can perform some light bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks, lunges, or air squats.

3. Short Time Schedule Exercises

Even if you are short on time, you can still utilize an elliptical machine for an effective workout. An elliptical machine involves almost every muscle of the body, so you can use this fact and have a total body workout in a short period. You can perform a mixture of interval training and complete body workout format.

  • Warm up before for five minutes even if it is a short duration workout.
  • Keep raising the resistance of your workout, after every 1 minute, until you reach the top level.
  • As per the time available with you, keep adding as many segments as you want.
  • Spare five minutes for cooling down at low or zero resistance.

4. Belly Losing Workout

Speed and Resistance – At the start, set the level of the resistance to low or moderate and maintain it for the first few times as your workout will be intense. For an interval of 30-seconds, you will sprint on the elliptical which will be almost near to the maximum effort.

For the speed, your aim should be around 75-100 rpm. After subsequent workouts, your speed will start improving. First Set – Once your resistance and speed are set, you begin the first sprint of 30-second followed by a 30-second rest time. Then sprint for 30-seconds again and now rest for 20-seconds.

Then again run for 30-seconds followed by rest of 10-seconds. Now another 30-second sprint with 10-second rest. Make another 30-seconds sprint and now the rest period should increase to 20-seconds. Finally, another 30-seconds sprint and then take a 30-seconds rest time.

This is the first set of your workout which is done at a near maximum effort with finally ending with a 60-seconds rest period for recovery. Keep in mind the sprint to rest ratio should be- 30-30, 30-20, 30-10, 30-10, 30-20, 30-30, 30-60 ( all in seconds).

Finishing – After the first set (as explained above) followed with 60-seconds rest time, repeat the whole process. This will make your speed less due to fatigue but keep pushing and move the elliptical pedals swiftly.

Make the best use of the rest periods you get in between to regain energy. Beginners can do two sets and gradually work up. But, experts can go up to more than four such sets. Always take five minutes, in the end, to cool down.

5. Interval Workout

Interval training on an elliptical is a swift way to burn calories. These workouts are flexible and offer excellent training. When you raise or lower the resistance in segments, it is called interval training.

  • Warming up for five minutes is essential before the workout.
  • Select an interval length and the resistance level.
  • You have to increase the intensity and resistance level gradually.
  • After every 2-5 minutes, go one level up of resistance and then come back to zero.
  • Keep pedaling at zero resistance for a minute and then increase the strength to one level upper than the previous interval.
  • Keep repeating this process up and down for at least ten segments.
  • This workout will make you reach your target heart rate zone.


Ellipticals are considered the new-age cardio cross-trainers which are low-impact and at the same time very useful. It lets you train robustly without hurting or putting stress on your knees.

It gives you a healthier, leaner, and a stronger body. It helps you shed those extra kilos effectively without making you weak. There some best commercial ellipticals as well as best ellipticals for home use.

The fitness professionals have appreciated elliptical workouts as they are fast and effective. It is a proven fact that ellipticals are highly beneficial for our cardiovascular health.

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