5 Tips for New Runner on Treadmill

5 Tips for New Runner on Treadmill

Are you someone who is all new to the world of a treadmill? Are you someone who is looking for starting to work out and somehow the treadmill is attracting you?

As it is said that do not doubt your instinct as it is always right and your instinct is guiding you in the correct direction as the treadmill is the right equipment to start your workout journey.

The treadmill is perhaps a master creation which has been created for helping people stay fit and in shape is perhaps the most convenient and relaxing way.

A treadmill exercise is a person’s exercise as it depends totally on the person’s wish, ease, and requirements. It can be customized and used by all irrespective of age, sex, shape, and experience. It is a significant and efficient for a beginner as it is for someone who is an experienced user of the treadmill.

For all those beginners who are searching every nukes and corner of the world to try and understand what all things to keep in mind before a treadmill workout, you have reached the correct place.

In this article, we shall discuss 5 tips for a new runner on a treadmill but before going to that aspect let us understand some facts about the treadmill.

Understanding The Treadmill From a Beginner’s Perspective

A treadmill is a machine which has been created by humans to help ease working out in a small area and be fit and to be in shape. Most of us are familiar with the word treadmill but for beginners.

It can sometimes be just too confusing to check out the various buttons, LED displays, a display full of alien words. Read below to understand these basic words written on the treadmill. How to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes is the first thing one must learn when using a treadmill.

Safety Clip

Before understanding any other feature, the safety clip is the most important clip as it can save you from a serious injury. A safety clip stops the treadmill instantly when pulled out. For a beginner who is all set and pumped up for a treadmill running workout, it might just prove to be the saving reason for falling down and been thrown off the treadmill.


This simply means that it starts the belt of the treadmill to move when pressed. It’s perhaps the simplest thing to do. Simply press quick start and start your work out. You can increase the speed manually.


As the name itself says that you can control the speed level from this feature. You can increase or decrease the speed according to your own choice.


Again, as the name says it all that this feature helps you measure the distance covered by you while working out and running on the track.


Not only a treadmill measures speed and distance but it also calculates the calories shed by you during the workout. It’s actually fun to check and it feels really good to know the number of calories lost by you. This is actually one of the most popular ‘running’ on treadmill benefits.


This feature gives you the taste of running on hilly terrain and intensifies your treadmill workout result. More the incline, more hilly and steep is the terrain and more is the difficulty level of working out.

There are few other features depending from one treadmill to the other treadmill but the above-mentioned features are the basis of most of the treadmills.

The Top Used and Recommended Treadmill of 2020 are

  • DM-100M 1.5HP Semi-Auto Lubrication Multifunction Treadmill,
  • Powermax Fitness TDM-125S 2.0 HP Smart Run Function Auto Lubrication Motorized Treadmill, Powermax Fitness TDM-100S 1.5Hp Motorized Treadmill,
  • Powermax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD-M4 – 2.0HP, 100% Pre-Installed, Flat Surface, Motorized Compact Treadmill with Android & iOS App
  • Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill with Auto Lubrication, Adult (Black).

Let Us Now Check 5 Tips For New Runner on Treadmill

Choose Your Running Shoes Wisely

It’s extremely important to choose the correct pair of shoes as your legs would be the first point of contact between you and the treadmill. Your feet will be getting the maximum impact when running on the treadmill with full enthusiasm and zeal.

So, opt for a good pair of fitted running shoes which is extremely comfortable and doesn’t cause any pain. Expert’s tip – choose quality over looks. While buying your running shoes check the fitting and try it on.

Try walking, running and jumping and check how good the shoes are absorbing the impacts and shocks. Do not be look or price oriented. Choose what your feet guide you.

Choose The Right Fabric and Right Fit of Clothes

It is very important to wear the correct apparel for a treadmill workout as you need to feel easy, comfortable and relaxed while working out. Opt for clothes which will let you breathe, soak up those hard-earned sweating and dry up quickly.

There are a plethora of options and designs available in the market designed for running purpose. Expert’s tip – Do not choose designer clothing simply because they look good or you have seen some celebrity wearing them and looking good.

Choose only those pieces of clothing which makes your body feel light and makes you breathe. Extremely tight clothing which makes you uneasy is a big no. Listen to your body which will make you chose the correct apparel for your treadmill workout.

Do Not Rush in Working Out, Set Goals

The biggest issue common with people who are all pumped up to hit the treadmill for a work out is that they rush into running at a high speed and think that within a couple of days.

They will achieve their dream body and when they do not get the result and on the other hand are left with tired painful sore muscles, they quit saying it’s not their cup of tea and find a variety of excuses for not working out.

Expert’s tip – Start your workout slowly. Firstly introduce the treadmill to your body and let your body be acquainted with it. Let the treadmill and your body reach a good synchronization and then slowly raise the intensity of your workout.

Begin with walking and then increase the speed slowly. Set small goals and keep achieving them. Understand the fundamentals of the treadmill and make it a part and parcel of your life. A 30-minute beginner running workout is a good idea to start with.

Intake a Protein Source Immediately After a Workout Session

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and it’s very important to take a protein intake immediately after a workout as it is this time when our body requires energy which helps in muscle building. Keep a good quality protein bar or protein shake handy and intake it after your workout session.

Expert’ tip – concentrate on fat loss and strengthening of muscles than weight loss. The more fat you lose, the better-toned body you get.

Keep The Safety Clip Handy

It is extremely important especially for beginners to always ensure that they have the safety clip readily available as it can help them for serious injuries.

A safety clip as mentioned above stops the treadmill in case of emergencies when pulled and can save from being thrown out in cases when one has lost his/her control over the machine or in cases when someone isn’t feeling well.

Experts tip – Attach the safety clip to your body so that if an unfortunate event of falling down on the treadmill happens, the safety clip instantly is pulled out and the treadmill stops.


Follow the above 5 tips and start with your workout session from today itself. Excuses are bygones, the real trend is working out. Simply work out, be fit be healthy and be happy.

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