5 Tips For a Better Workout on a Treadmill

5 Tips For a Better Workout on a Treadmill

When we speak about a gym the first thing which pops up in our minds is a treadmill. Using a treadmill is so closely associated with the word gym that when a new gym goer goes to a gym he/she hops on those treadmills and dreams about running like a pro over it.

A treadmill workout is an excellent type of cardio which helps in keeping your health, weight and heart fit. Workout on a treadmill is the most common and popular type of workout generally loved by gym lovers.

If you are a fitness freak and a treadmill lover then this blog is apt for you to make you aware of the correct way of using a treadmill. A treadmill is perhaps the coolest mode of the workout due to its convenience.

Let us throw some light on the reasons for preferring a treadmill over running outside. The list of running on treadmill benefits is endless. Read below to know some of the reasons

  • Running on a treadmill has no bumpy or irregular surface which makes it convenient and less risky as compared to running outside where the terrain could be unbelievably difficult.
  • Whether it’s raining or it’s a chilly day or very hot and dry weather outside, you still can simply workout indoors on a treadmill to help you maintain your fitness regime.
  • You need not to worry about the time of the day while working out on a treadmill. It’s your time, your convenience and your machine.
  • You can increase or decrease the level of inclination and your speed thanks to a treadmill.
  • If the treadmill is at your home then you need not to think about what to wear, when to use, waiting time, etc.

I know that after reading the above usages all you feel like is to rush for a workout on that lovely treadmill but read further to know how with little tips your workout result can multiply and you can squeeze out the most effective pattern to help to boost the results of a treadmill.

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Below Are 5 Tips For A Better Workout On A Treadmill

1. Choosing The Right Clothes And Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes and clothes actually helps a lot in enhancing the performance as well as the effect of the workout. It is the most important running on treadmill tips as it allows you to have a great workout and reduces the risk of injuries and accidents.

With the right gear of workout, it becomes easy and comfortable to work out and also with everything in the correct place eliminates the risk of accidents due to an open shoelace or baggy clothing, etc.

A change of clothing and shoes after a workout is extremely important as after a workout sweating happens which invites a plethora of germs with it and is an ideal condition for them to breed and invade our body.

It is very important to clean and dry yourself after every workout and go for a change of freshly sanitized clothes. Do change your socks and shoes too and let your body be dry and free of sweat to enjoy and reap the correct effect of your workout.

2. Warm Up

The most important tip which is generally overlooked by most of the treadmill lovers is warming up. Warming up is perhaps one of the quintessential steps which not only makes your workout effective but also avoids the risk of injury as the body is now prepared for an intense workout.

A simple stretching of the body for 2 minutes before jumping on the treadmill along with a four-minute low speed with no inclination walk is an amazing way of warming up and preparing your body for an intense run and workout.

3. Do Not Overexert

The biggest myth popular among people is that if they work out for more time then they think that they will yield a better result. However, the truth is fixing the correct time and choosing the correct speed and inclination is the key to be healthy and fit.

A combination of the slow walk followed with a jog and then running for some time and repeating the same cycle once or twice is good enough to get the best effect out of your workout. Everybody is different and requires a unique pattern of exercise.

Choose wisely the correct workout and enjoy the magic of fitness like never before. A 30-minute beginner treadmill workout is considered to be an ideal time to start your fitness journey on a treadmill.

4. Cool Down

Just like warming up, cooling down is equally important as after an intense run your body is all pumped up and all the organs are bustling with a gush of energy. It is important to slowly make your body understand and bring it to rest.

Simply slow down by reducing your speed, bring inclination to zero and walk off slowly for a minute to two. Ideally, taking a periodic rest after every cycle of workout helps in maximizing the body’s metabolism and aids in maintaining weight and fat.

Do not skip cooling down as it is actually extremely important for the body to come back to its original state after an amazing run on the treadmill. Follow this running on treadmill tip and you will fall in love with the result of fitness.

5. A Protein Intake After A Run Is An Excellent Idea

A protein intake immediately after a run helps in muscle making and giving the required energy needed for the body. Protein shake, bar, etc., in any form of a protein, is the last and again a very important step to help get the optimum workout effect.

The energy provided immediately after a workout helps in building muscles, making the body fit and strong. So, next time don’t forget to eat that protein bar thinking that it might add putting weight in the body.

If in doubt that how to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes, then do not worry just keep a protein bar handy and eat it immediately after your run.


Hope, that after reading this you will be able to extract the maximum effect after running on a treadmill. It’s these tips which add the difference between those you get fit easily loses weight effectively and cherishes the fruits of the workout in the sweetest and efficient way.

Always keep in mind that the key to a fit body is little tips incorporated along the journey of running on a treadmill to achieve the goal of fitness in the most amazing, correct and effective way.

Gear up and run on the treadmill to remain healthy in just the right way. Embrace the magic of the treadmill with the above mentioned five hidden secrets.

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