5 Surprising Ways To Use The Treadmill

5 Surprising Ways To Use The Treadmill

The treadmill is a handy cardio machine which keeps your body in movement and replicates the natural walking or running motion. It is easier said than done. Walking or running every day for several kilometers on one machine can be very tedious and dull.

After a particular time, the user may start getting de-motivated and forget about his fitness goals. Especially in winters, when the temperature dips, treadmills are a blessing for fitness enthusiasts. But, whatever be the case, running for miles at one place can be de-motivating or boring.

But, if we incorporate some creative ways to make the workout challenging and exciting, then it can take you a long way in shaping up your body. In this article, I will discuss some ways in which you can use the treadmill to make it efficient and exciting.

5 Surprising Ways To Use The Treadmill

It is surprising to know how a single machine can take you out of a one-dimensional workout and keep you motivated for more. The market is full of some of the best treadmills for home use.

5 Surprising Ways To Use The Treadmill

1.The “Boil the Frog” Workout: The name of the exercise comes from an old saying which means that if you put a frog directly in boiling water, it will jump out. But, if you put him in cold water and then slowly increase the temperature, it will not feel that much.

Similarly, for humans, while working on a treadmill. If you straightaway start with 3% incline and 10mph speed, you will get tired quickly and lose interest. So, the catch here is to begin in a relaxed manner, at a reasonable pace. Then, after 5 minutes increase the speed by 10pmh with the button and incline by 0.5%.

After 30 minutes, rise again in the same amounts. After reaching the peak of your workout, reverse the steps and come down to the starting incline and speed. This practice will give some variety and also not make you feel bored with the same challenge.

2. Mountain Climbers: Yes, it is possible to perform mountain climbing on a treadmill and the market has some best treadmills for serious runners. First of all, you need to set the treadmill in “Dynamic Mode.” Set your feet in the middle of the treadmill and hands on the floor in a push-up position.

Now when the treadmill starts your arms will be stationary and feet moving as if climbing up a mountain. Be careful of your arms as they should be underneath your shoulders.

Start pushing the treadmill away from you by gripping the belt with your toes. This can be an exciting workout when you are bored with running on the treadmill.

Mountain Climbers Using Treadmill

3. Plank with Push-Offs: This is an advanced exercise that needs great shoulder strength to perform. In this, put your treadmill in the “Dynamic Mode” and disengage the belt. Now, your feet should be on the floor behind the treadmill and plank your elbows on the treadmill.

Note that this plank will be inclined a bit and not straight like a floor plank. Get in the push-up position and push the treadmill forward like the crawling of a bear.

This is a high-impact workout of the shoulders. Beginners can drop to their knees and place one hand on the side of the treadmill for support and merely push the treadmill with the other hand. After five times, switch to the other hand and do the same.

4. Self-Propelled Sprints: Again, put the treadmill in the “Dynamic Mode” and set it to an incline of 3-8% as you wish. Hold the treadmill handles from the middle and grip them tight. Your shoulders should be up and the body near to the treadmill front.

Start running on it and at the same time push/hold onto the treadmill. Sprint like this for 30 seconds and then walk. This is a difficult task as it simulates the pushing of a sled.

Here, you are pushing your body weight. For an easy workout, select a more incline because working against gravity makes it easy. So, for a very challenging workout, try 10-15% incline.

5. Play iPod Roulette: This type of workout is creative and at the same time very challenging. It is great for runners who have less time but also want to make the best of that time. Prepare an MP3 playlist of your 10-15 favorite songs with a duration of only 2-3 minutes per song.

Include some fast, some mellow, and some cool tunes. First, warm up on the treadmill, then start your playlist on a random shuffle. When a fast song comes, increase the speed to very high and when a cool song comes, decrease your pace and so on.

Be careful with your pace so that you don’t end up running very hard for three songs in continuation. So, it is suggested to take short songs and have an effective workout.

There are some best high-end treadmills which provide you with hi-tech technology and tablet holders from where you can play your songs.


I am sure this article will help you add some variety to your daily workout and push you out of monotony. The above-discussed methods are tried and tested by people and pose no harm to health unless done incorrectly.

Now, no one can misguide you by saying that treadmills are ‘treadmills’ and offer a monotonous workout. You have several ways to make the best use of your home treadmill for your workout. It adds spice to your training and works on other muscle groups as well.

These surprising exercises with a treadmill show how much creative a man can become when it comes to killing the boredom and coming out of it. So, enjoy these workouts and turn your treadmill into a multi-purpose machine.

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