Assault Equipment Review

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Assault Equipment Review

Assault Fitness of today is the brand that boats of 20 long years’ experience which has molded its visions for the next 20 years of the world fitness industry. It has been revolutionizing the art of high-intensity fitness training since its beginning as a branch of the reputed Life Core Fitness. Exclusively for the hardcore trainers, Assault aims to bring a true “love-hate” relationship between the equipment and the user, where calories are shed and fitness levels increased.

Powered by Life Core’s advanced technologies and the efficient manufacturing units, Assault has brought models of fitness that are of the best quality and which provide the maximum output, thus lighting a new dawn in the world of fitness equipment. Its products, though few in number, have higher standards of quality and are all able to endure the highest intensity workouts for longer periods of time. The body of the equipment is carefully designed to provide maximum comfort even during the most difficult and demanding of workouts.

Why Assault Brand Stands Out?

There is not a question of whether Assault stands out among the sea of fitness brands in the world because it most certainly does. Assault as a separate branch of Life Core Fitness was begun out of the lack of similar products in markets that would focus entirely on high-intensity interval training with product quality and positive outputs. It’s superior designing and build quality, as seen in every single model, underscores the care it gives to detail. At Assault Fitness, each model is tried and tested by in-house trainers for months at a time to ensure the machines delivers all that it promises. These heavy-handed quality checks are the result of Assault’s perseverance to bring out only the best for its dedicated fans and the trainers worldwide.

Assault Fitness Exercise Bike Series

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Assault AirBike Elite Grey Upright Bike Review
Assault AirBike Elite
---LCD display ---
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Assault AirBike Classic Black Upright Bike Review
Assault AirBike Classic Black
---Advanced computer display7
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Built to suit the ideal high-intensity interval training, the AirBike series of Assault Fitness – AirBike Classic and AirBike Elite are equipped with solid steel frames and rails and aluminium seat supports and sliders that power them with long-lasting strength and durability.

AirBike Classics with its ability to perfectly match your pace and give you what you ask for is built with twenty sealed cartridge bearings for maximum movement and comfort. The steel body and fully-equipped console are the other attractions of the model.

The Assault AirBike Elite, with a feature that automatically increases resistance level with increasing speeds, provides the maximum outputs to the user in any time of the day. The AirBike focuses on working both upper and lower body, together or in isolation. The extra large seats, legroom for longer strides, the detachable windscreen, and variable grip positions are all integrated with the motive giving the users maximum comfort.

Assault Fitness AirRunner

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Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill Review
Assault Fitness AirRunner
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Assault Fitness AirRunners are the best in the range manual running machines that work entirely using manpower. They have smooth belts and a frame of sleek, black finish that captures your eyes at first look. They are lightly-built and compact, which makes them fit into practically any corner you can find at home. The treadmill has a compact console which is equipped to display your time, distance, calories, speed and lack et cetera.

The steel handrails and frame are powered by anti-corrosive properties to last long in great condition. They do not come with speed limits that restrict your levels. Rather, they stay right with you no matter what pace you chose to run it. These are the best manual running machines one can find at their price ranges, anywhere in the world.

Pros and Cons of Assault


  • Easy portable models
  • Lightweight build
  • Multiple quality checks for high quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Quick assembly of products
  • Efficient customer care services
  • Attractive prices
  • Burns calories faster


  • Beginners might find the machine intimidating
  • Running machines are manual
  • Shipping costs are to be paid by the customers


It is never to be doubted that any product of Assault Fitness can slack in their purpose. It motivates you and pushes you to test your own boundaries when it comes to fitness training. These are the best companions you can get for yourselves if you are really into fitness trading and want to shed as many calories as possible. The beautiful design, its features, and top-notch quality all satisfy you very well. They are, thus a great buy at their respective prices.

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