AFG Equipment Review
AFG Equipment Review

AFG Equipment Review 2019

AFG, i.e. Advanced Fitness Group is one of the leading brands under JHT (Johnson Health Tech.) and is a premier name in offering fitness solutions for the past 30 years. The JHT family boasts about some of the most respected brands under it – Matrix, Livestrong, Vision Fitness, Merit, etc. They build smart fitness equipment which easily fit into the user’s lifestyle.

What Makes AFG Stand Out?

They enhance the overall experience you get while working on their machines. AFG specializes from high-end health clubs to fitness retailers to sports stores. This brand shows 100% commitment, innovation, excellent price/value ratio, and unmatched customer care. These qualities have made this brand a leading provider of superior quality home and commercial fitness machines.

AFG manufactures – AFG Treadmills, AFG Ellipticals, AFG Exercise Bikesand Strength Trainers. They leave no stone unturned in understanding the user needs and coming out with excellent machines which are capable of suiting those needs. They carry the audit part, and a majority of the elements are from their facilities. The quality of their devices is unmatched, and warranties are strong as compared to the competitors.

AFG is well-known for its quality and robust machines which deliver an efficient workout to their customers.

AFG Treadmills

The AFG treadmills are very easy to use and help you monitor your workout. They are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay motivated throughout. AFG treadmills have a complete range of great treadmills which are loaded with amazing features and make running feel like flying. They come in every price range to suit the user’s pocket and needs.

AFG treadmills come with high power motor, heavy gauge steel frame, well-furnished pre-set programs, heart rate monitor, sound system and USB port with Bluetooth connectivity.  Owning an AFG treadmill for the home will make you a regular user and thus keep you fit, overall. They come with the best features, quality, and durability.

They make the workout seem fun and doesn’t make you feel exhausted.  AFG treadmills are categorized into Folding Treadmills and Non-Folding Treadmills. They are as follows:

AFG Ellipticals

AFG Ellipticals are fantastic machines which offer a great user experience, mainly because they replicate the real motion of walking and running. They keep the body fit and properly aligned. They come in sound design, high quality, and excellent features. Owning an AFG elliptical for the home will surely make you a fitness enthusiast and let you enjoy a lifetime of excellent health.

Their frame is hugely enduring with a heavy-duty flywheel that gives a noiseless experience.  These ellipticals have a good stride length which changes with incline and decline. This shows that the designing of these ellipticals is intuitive. They also let the user monitor his progress and track his goals. They have and cushioned gel pads for exceptional comfort which does not strain knees and joints.

The heart rate monitoring is precise and acts as a personal trainer for the user. The workout options get varied due to the pre-set programs, and each program is designed to achieve a specific fitness goal.  AFG ellipticals are well-rated cardio trainers, loaded with awesome features. They are as follows:

AFG Exercise Bikes

The AFG Exercise Bikes are rated amongst the top bikes due to their affordability, design, and adaptability to the user’s workout. They are the perfect fitness bikes and are built with modern industry standards and contemporary technology. AFG develops products which let the user get the most out of the workout. AFG exercise bikes have innovative built and a step-through design.

The console is mounted on the right which is very helpful in letting a user of any size easily get on and off the bike. The seat is cushioned and offers excellent lumbar support to the user, reducing the chances of back pain during the intense workout. They have wireless heart rate monitoring, and the heavy flywheels make the motion very smooth. The AFG exercise bikes lineup is excellent, and you can choose the one according to your exercise needs.


The Advanced Fitness Group, AFG, is undoubtedly one of the leading and most-liked manufacturers in the fitness equipment industry. The company has satisfied clientele and is still garnering positive feedback from everywhere. Exercise Bikes have got an ‘A Rating’ for being outstanding, affordable, and attractive. The treadmills and ellipticals, both have an impressive line up of models, and each model has something good and different to offer.

They give full control to the user to manage his workout and also track his progress. The parts of each equipment are excellent and durable. They do not wear or tear easily and are there to stay for long. The quality of these machines is par excellent. AFG is well-known for offering an excellent warranty on its products and is ranked among the industry’s best.  AFG is a successful brand and is here to stay for long!

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