About Us

About Us

Hey guys,

It’s great to finally meet you!

I’m Andrew and this site is an extension of my passion. Well, not mine alone. We are a group of like hearted individuals who share a similar thirst and zest for life.

Stay tuned to meet the group.


Through tremendous effort and enormous work we have been able to piece together this resource for all of you aspiring to live healthier, more active, more energetic, more peaceful… in a word more wholesome lives.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, shred fat, build muscle, gain strength, eat better, or improve the your level of fitness in any way you, we have guides, articles and product reviews to push you in the right direction.

It is a given that we all live hectic and busy lives, It can be difficult to eat 100% right all the time or follow an exercise routine to the T when we’re doing a job and raising a family, or attending school as well as planning for the future. However, today it is possible to own either a treadmill, elliptical, power rack or spin bike and follow an exercise routine without travelling too far or ever leaving your home.

We have covered several hundred product reviews on a wide range of in-house equipment, including top selling spin bike reviews, rowing machine reviews, inversion table reviews, home gym reviews as well as mountain bike reviews for those looking for a little adventure. Read, browse and choose a suitable product for your workouts.


Although, we may have lofty ambitions we firmly believe in learning to walk and then perfecting the walk before we  try to jump or fly. There is no substitute for taking slow and steady steps, if you dream of making huge gains one day.

First things first;

The most important thing that neither we nor any another well intentioned health & fitness initiative can offer, is to make a firm resolve and commitment to pursuing a healthier and more wholesome life.

Commitment is doing the thing, you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you” – George Zaluchi

None could have said it better. We all have our moments of inspiration and although these can be powerful and empowering, what matters most is what we do in the time that follows.

There will be days, where you just won’t “feel like it”, or where you will have other “better things to do”. Remember that the action you take on these days will determine how soon and effectively your routine becomes habit. This is the struggle, but once a habit forms, you’ve won half the battle my friend and the rest of the journey is growth and exploration.

The first step is your plan or routine. You decide what will work for you, whether its a 3-day split, or a 5 day marathon (rest on the weekend) or whatever else works for you. Then you commit and remember to commit even when you don’t feel like it. Do this and you’re on the way to developing a solid mindset. It worked for us and we guarantee that it’ll work for you.


We are the most complex nervous systems on the planet with bodies that are capable of performing more complex movements than any other organim on earth. And, what do we, we get jobs, and chose to sit for the majority of the day. Sit, get up, sit down, shake a leg, sit agian and sleep. That’s how it is for most of us. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a tirade on the state of human civilisation and evolution of modern societies.

Our motive is simple: to remind you guys of the immensity of owning this human body so that we unlock our hidden potentials. We can still have desk jobs, and take care of the business of living in the world while injecting more awarenss and health into our bodies and our lives.

We can still wear suits, drive cars, drink coffee and eat at McDonalds, while we gain more awareness of this body and our natural environment. Hundreds and thousands of years of evolution later, and our bodies grew upright, we came down from the trees, our brains grew and our jaws shrank as we discovered fire and began cooking our food. We developed tools to aid us and simplify our lives, but never to let them rule us.

We are not advocating that you start climbing trees again and leave “tech” behind, only that you pay more attention to the mechanics of your own body to discover what food nourishes you, which exercises benefit you and what lifestyle inspires you. When you eat healthier, exercise more often and get up earlier, your nervous system will explode with energy and your life will change.


The choice is ours. We can choose to either drudge through our daily routines or live with more awareness. We can take up that new exercise routine, buy that product that will motivate us to exercise at home, take up meditation and yoga, make the decision to buy only from the farmers market and eradicate hurdles that are pulling us back.

This may sound daunting or it may excite you, either way it can be done. We hope to be that reminder for you to make a firm resolve and learn the skill of commitment.

Good luck guys

Andrew Fox

We look forward to being apart of your journey to health, fitness and inspiration, Write to us and lets get started!


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