3G Cardio Equipment Review

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3G Cardio Equipment Review

3G Cardio is an experienced fitness equipment company. It is an Arizona based company with owners having over 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. They are specialized in treadmills, bikesand vibration training machines. They have various retail stores all over the country. The experience of the 3G Cardio company has helped them to achieve the trust of their customers.

They design fitness equipment to live up to their customers’ expectations. They believe in delivering the best equipment to their clients with the best prices and service. It is a renowned company which has won several awards for its fitness equipment.

Why 3G Cardio Stands Out Among The Rest

The company is known to make simple but efficient products which can be used by beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts. All the products of 3G Cardio have one thing in common. They offer a lifetime warranty for their frames and motor and 3-10 years warranty for their parts which is an exceptional feature. You can see the level of confidence the 3G Cardio company has in their products.

The machines have simple designs so that people can use them without any complication providing them with increased efficiency. Fewer complications help the users to spend more time on their workouts. In short, the 3G Cardio company offers simple but sturdy equipment and products with an amazing warranty at the best prices.

3G Cardio Treadmill Series

ProductRatings  Incline   Best Price
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3G Cardio Pro Runner
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3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill Review
3G Cardio 80i
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3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review
3G Cardio Elite Runner
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3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Review
3G Cardio Lite Runner
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The treadmills provide an easy and amazing experience which provides comfort to your joints as well. 3G Cardio treadmills are built in such a way that helps the users to save space in their homes and offices. 3G Cardio treadmills are compact, heavily built and come with an excellent warranty. All the 3G Cardio treadmills provide a number of workout programs which are suitable for almost everyone.

They also provide a heavy motor that enables the treadmills to work efficiently. 3G Cardio provides a warranty of 5 years on its parts, 1 year on labor and lifetime warranty on motor and frame. All the treadmills of 3G Cardio have a high maximum user weight. Users of all the shapes and sizes are kept in mind. The treadmills also include some necessary features like built-in speakers, water bottle holders, and fans.

The 3G Cardio treadmills also provide an incline of up to 15%. The compact and foldable design of 3G Cardio treadmills helps the users to assemble the treadmills anywhere. All the treadmills also provide a good footprint for all the users. 3G Cardio brand provides high-quality treadmills to their customers.

3G Cardio Bikes Series

3G Cardio also manufacturers exercise bikes in the fitness industry. There are 2 exercise bikes provided by 3G Cardio.

  1. Elite RB Recumbent Bike
  2. Elite UB Upright Bike

The 3G Cardio exercise bikes are one of the most comfortable exercise bikes to use while working out. The best quality of 3G Cardio bikes is that they are small and compact. They feature a low height electronic display to view the console easily. The narrow distance between pedals ensures and ergonomic ride. They also include basic features like water bottle holder.

The warranty provided on these bikes is 7 years on parts, 1 year on labor and lifetime warranty on frame. The seats are adjustable and comfortable. 3G Cardio bikes have a high maximum user weight which makes it suitable for almost every user. The 3G Cardio bikes also feature heart rate contact sensors and wireless chest strap.

These bikes provide a high-quality experience to all the users. The oversized seats on bikes can be adjusted according to the users. 3G Cardio bikes are apt for both beginners and fitness freaks.

3G Cardio Vibration Machine Series

The amazingly rated vibration machines by 3G Cardio are one of the best vibration machines in the fitness market. 3G Cardio features 2 vibration machines.

  1. 6 AVT Vibration Machine
  2. 5 AVT Vibration Machine

The vibration machines by 3G Cardio are reliable and comfortable for all their users. The 3G Cardio vibration machines have a premier quality with an exceptional value. These vibration machines have some amazing features considering their price. They include a number of workout programs suitable for almost every user. The maximum user capacity provided by 3G Cardio vibration machines is excellent.

The warranty provided on the 3G Cardio vibration machines is 1 year for labor and 3 years on parts. The vibration machines feature an amazing console with all the necessary features. The 3G Cardio vibration machines give a spectacular performance and are designed efficiently. Both the vibration machines by the 3G Cardio brand are recommended for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners.

Pros And Cons Of 3G Cardio


  • 3G Cardio provides an exceptionally good warranty which is also one of the best features of the 3G Cardio company.
  • The 3G Cardio machines are mostly compact and can be kept in any room of your house.
  • 3G Cardio machines feature various inbuilt programs for almost every type of workout.


  • 3G Cardio machines lack advance and hi-fi features.
  • They are mostly simply built and lack modern or sleek designs.

Final Verdict

3G Cardio is one of the most famous and leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. They provide various features to their users along with great warranty and service. It is one of the most trusted brands for fitness equipment. Investing in 3G Cardio machines help to improve your fitness and maintain good health.

Overall, the machines are simple to use and prevent complications while working out and hence saves a lot of time. Machines from 3G Cardio, especially the treadmills and vibration machines are highly recommended to fitness enthusiasts.

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