The Best Indoor Cardio and Strength Training Workout

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Are you looking for the best cardio and strength training workout machines? Building strength and cardio training are not a child’s play unless you are determined to struggle for the building of strength and muscles.  In reality, you can burn more calories if you make a smart choice while choosing for workout machines. So, instead… [Read More]

5 Bodyweight Exercises that you should Never Forget

Bodyweight Squats

Are you one of those who put more focus on weight training? Well, maybe you do not realize the advantages of bodyweight exercises but with all exercises, you will progress. Many people favour dumbbells, barbells and other gym machinery over bodyweight exercises. But, if you really want o remain jacked then bodyweight exercises are best… [Read More]

Get Your Protein on a Budget


Protein is one of the most significant nutrients required by the body to build muscles. A complete protein is made of 20 amino acids through which the body maintain itself. When your budget is low and your big concern is having protein rich diet then here are some budget-friendly foods that are a great source… [Read More]

Your Guide to Meal Prep Containers

Leak-Proof and Air-Tight Lids

You spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your healthy meal for a whole week so that you can keep your diet under control. The biggest problem comes when it comes to storing of meals. The meal preparation process go through three phases-Planning, Cooking and storing. To lose weight, meal preparation is crucial and critical,… [Read More]

5 Perfectly Designed Bodybuilding Meals to Boost your Gains

Bodybuilding Meals to Boost your Gains

Are you new to bodybuilding and wants to build strong muscles? Do you know what it takes to build those solid muscles?  Doing push ups, holding heavy weight and dumbbells etc are not alone enough to build your body muscles unless you follow a strong diet. Diet plays an important role in shaping up your… [Read More]