Transformation Story of Dan Western


We Welcome Dan on Aim Workout to share his transformation story with us. Dan has come along since his first break up. He has evolved as an athlete and as a human being. His since working out in his garage at home, he has traveled far and wide while developing his mindset, entrepreneurial skills, and his… [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle

guide to building muscle

We’re here to tell you that the process of building muscle is neither complex nor confusing. Regardless of what you might have read or been told about the complexity of the muscle building process, the truth is that it’s quite simple and straightforward. You don’t need to focus on the physiological and biochemical processes that… [Read More]

Interview with Karen


We Welcome Karen to Aim Workout to share her story. Karen changed her life by transforming her body through developing a nutritious and effective diet plan. She is a huge inspiration to everyone struggling with obesity. Check out her awsesome recipes at What inspired you to start your Blog? Back in 2011, my health was on… [Read More]

Interview with Allison


We Welcome Allison to Aim Workout to share her story. Allison Hardy is the real deal. Her story is testament to her courage and insight into the practice of self-care. On her website,, she shares real world advice on self care for moms everywhere who neglect their own health and well being for their… [Read More]

Transformation Journey of Shane Duquette


We Welcome Shane on Aim Workout to share his transformation story with us. Shane and his colleagues experimented with various programs and went through considerable hardships before they were able to successfully put on muscle and shed the dreaded “Skinny nerd” tag. Check out their full interview here.

Interview with Conor


We Welcome Conor from to Aim Workout. Physicalculturestudy is indeed a unique endeavor; their efforts are primarily concerned with exploring the various activities undertaken by people throughout the ages to strengthen their bodies and develop superior physiques. So, if you’re intrigued by the ‘why’ behind current training protocols or the origin and effectiveness of various… [Read More]